Egos Custom Apparel is the go-to screen printing shop for many of the schools in the Clark County School District. We have serviced school clubs, student councils, athletic departments, staff, and teachers with our beautifully-designed school custom shirts. Here at Egos, we create custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and more with whatever designs you desire.

Schools we proudly represent:

  • Betsy Rhodes Elementary
  • William V. Wright Elementary
  • Harmon Elementary
  • Batterman Elementary
  • Elton M. Garrett Junior High
  • James Bilbray Elementary
  • Doris Reed Elementary
  • William E. Ferron Elementary
  • Fay Galloway Elementary

Egos Custom T-shirts at Your Next School Function

What’s a school function without a t-shirt to go with it? At Egos Custom Apparel, we know the importance of a great looking custom t-shirt for school events. Whether it’s a field trip or a charity evening, our screen printing services are capable of creating just about any design for several types of apparel that will make your students, teachers, and staff smile.

Field trips

Getting a school custom shirt for a field trip is a fantastic way to commemorate a fun time with your students and staff. Not only that, but having matching t-shirts makes it easier to keep track of a big group of people.

Field day

Field day is a long-time tradition many schools still carry on to celebrate the end of the school year. Make sure your field day event is complete with event day t-shirts customized to your school’s liking—and made so all the kids can sign each other’s t-shirts.

Charity night

No matter what you’re raising money for or what kind of charity event you’re hosting, having school custom shirts can certainly help your school’s fundraising goals. Let Egos Custom Apparel help you raise money with eye-catching t-shirts.

Other school events

Is your school hosting a different type of event where t-shirts would be a necessity? Our screen printing team at Egos Custom Apparel can make your school custom shirts happen for any type or size of event.

Get Your School Custom Shirts Ordered Today

We are in the business of bringing your school t-shirt design ideas to life. For questions on how we can provide for your school, please contact us today.