About Us

We Are Egos Custom Apparel

Egos Custom Apparel isn’t just another t-shirt screen printing service in Las Vegas. We’re fast and efficient, family-oriented, and we love our community. When we get an order, we bring to life your passions, whether that’s your school, team, or organization.

We’ve put together a team of skilled, fast, and artistic screen printers who love a great-looking t-shirt just as much as you do. Types of organizations our team has created t-shirts and other apparel goods include:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Sports teams
  • Charities

Even if you aren’t this type of organization, we still want to create the perfect t-shirt for you. Our screen printing process is one of the best in the Vegas valley.

What does the machine do?

Egos Custom Apparel’s screen printing process starts with an adhesive glue that helps our products stay in place during its round through the screen printing machine. The shirt is given a stencil, and the paint is sprayed. We finish your product by drying the design in an oven at 900 degrees.

Watch Our Method

Want to know how Egos Custom Apparel makes that favorite t-shirt of yours? We’ve got you covered. Our screen printing process—which creates almost any apparel or accessories goods—is fast, takes on large quantities, and it makes long-lasting products.

How do we make it last?

Our t-shirts don’t only receive one layer of paint. Your design is stamped at least four times on the shirt, which creates a thicker color and a long-lasting finish than most t-shirts made by other screen printers.

How to we handle multi-colored designs?

Though multi-colored shirts are more complicated to design, it’s simple to understand. Egos Custom Apparel runs each color through its own screen printing process to guarantee all the colors of the drawing last and stay true to their original print.

How many shirts can we handle?

Here at Egos Custom Apparel, we print up to 30,000 shirts in one day—that’s a lot of shirts. Big and small groups are welcome to use our services, and we promise a quick turn around from your initial design to your finished product. Visit our Contact Us page to bring your ideas to life today.